What does it mean to wear a mask? A mask is preferably beautiful, but the interest, the wearer, is hidden underneath. I explored this idea by using nylon to create elements that are see-through, and give a hint or tease of what is within. Of course the eyes are visible, but in addition,so are the cheeks and crown, which includes a diamond underneath the nylon so it will only be noticed if it catches the light just right. I was inspired by a mask being an extension of what is within, taking visual cues from modern makeup, such as the brand Glossier's mission of embracing natural blush, thick eyebrows, and, in this case, a pale complection, keeping honest more natural color pallette. The mask is decorated with gems, pearls, and gold jewelry as well as lace and plastic red fishnet cut from a shower loofah. The base is constructed paper and delicately assembled with stitching and glue. My vision is that this mask stays true to Mardi Gras and Masquerade aesthetic with the gold and red accents, but also stays true to the wearer, hinting at the natural beauty that is underneath.   
materials used
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